Joey O'Connor

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Joey O'Connor wrote and published "A Guide to Buick Diecast and Collectibles" in 1999 and the book was on store-shelves in early 2000.

ISBN: 0971619409
List Price: $24.95
Pages: 276
Copyright Date: 1999
Printing by: American Musclecar Publications
Photography by: Kim Owens
Cover Layout by: Chris Sparks

For more information please visit where copies of the book are available for purchase.

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Lots of Nascar collectibles and of course the ever popular Buick Grand National, Buick GNX, Buick GS, Buick GSX, Riviera, Regal, Reatta, LeSabre, Park Avenue, Rendezvous and more!

Joey will be offering Book Publishing services in the near future so if you are an author interested in doing a book please let Joey hear from you!

Copyright © 1998 - Joey O'Connor and his partners and licensors.
All Rights Reserved.

Joey O'Connor