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Make A Simple Video Service By Joey O'Connor

Now Available! We listened to your needs and have made available our Make A 'Simple Video' Service!

We use YOUR still photos to make a short video! We will add some simple text to it and a little background music and email it to you! view example

You will own this video and be able to use it however you see fit and upload it to any or all video websites like YouTube!

This service is great for those on a budget for a short company introduction and/or commercial! It is also great for real estate agents or individuals that need help with their videos to sell property or other items on our other websites like

And here is the best news of all! For a limited time this service is only $19.95!

Already have your photos ready? Ready for us to make your 'Simple Video'? Just complete the form below and pay for your submission!

We recommend that you submit ten (10) photos for your video.

Photos that you submit Must have been taken by yourself, your company, or by your representative and you must own the rights to use the photos.

All submissions will be reviewed for context and accuracy before making your video. We reserve the right to re-name the title of your video and/or refuse any video for indexing and can remove any current listing for bad, abused, non-working or corrupted links and has no obligation to notify the person or the company that submitted the listing. There will be no guarantees of contacts from your video and there will be no refunds once a submission has been paid for and/or indexed. Submissions will be indexed after payment has been received. By clicking on the Submit button you agree that you are authorized to submit the making of the video, that you have the right to use your photos, that you are authorized to pay for the video, and understand the above. Once your submission and payment has been received and approved, your video will be produced and sent to you within 3 business days.

After you click Submit, you will be re-directed to a payment page where you will need to pay for your video immediately using your credit card, debit card, or bank draft thru our secure processor or you may log-in to PayPal. For the ultimate in your security, we will never see your credit card numbers or your bank information!

* Required
Please do not click the submit button more than once... depending upon how many photos you submit, and how large their file-size is, it may take a few minutes for your submission to be processed and for you to be re-directed to the payment page. Thank you!

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