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Website Design and Services: Although originally we only developed sites from our team's 'in house' ideas, we started offering design services to the public because we saw a need for a design firm with actual business, marketing and sales experience. While it is very important for a Web Site to be aesthetically appealing (and programmed properly), the main purpose of a Web Site is to market products/services 24 hours a day. It should be a natural extension of a company's business and marketing plans. Our partnered principals have anywhere from 10 to 30 years experience each with high-end credentials in their own respective industries. Their experience includes sales, marketing, promotions, accounting, finance and human resources in industries such as textiles, banking, music, motorsports, state government, home improvements, and HVACR.

Basic Website Only $499! We DO NOT use purchased pre-formatted templates like some so called web design companies as we make our own! Each site that we design is made differently depending on the client, their company and their content!

Please feel free to review some of our client properties and a few of our websites by visiting the links below.

  • (a basic website + extras)

  • (a basic website + extra graphic)

  • (a basic website + extra graphics package)

  • (a basic website + extra graphics package + logo design)


  • (a basic website + add-on extra pages + graphics package)

  • (a $10K+ fee website)

  • (a $10K+ fee website)

  • (a $2K+ fee website)

  • View All Of J.O.E. Developments

    Our $499 Basic Website Includes...
  • Your own .com domain name
  • Basic Website with up to 5 pages, pictures, content, etc.
  • Set-up Charges, Design Charges, and Hosting Charges included for first year!
  • Renewals - only $249 a year thereafter!
  • Changes/updates/additional pages billed at $40.00 an hour with one hour minimum
  • Add On - Logo Design - $99
  • Add On - Shopping Cart - $399-$999
  • Add On - Photography and Video Service - Images of Employees, Shop, Store, etc. - click here
  • Add On - Search Engine Optimization - see below
  • Add On - Search Engine Advertising with Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. - see below
  • Add On - Social Media Management/Set-up (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) - click here
  • Add On - Public Relations and Media Services - click here
  • Already have a website? Let us help you with it!

  • Wordpress Help - does your site use wordpress? Need some help with it? We would be glad to help! Ever wanted to change the color of your header or side-bar? Need some images? We are here to help!
  • Banner Ad Design, Public Relations, Marketing, etc. - let us help you promote and market your company or website. CLICK HERE
  • Review Your Current Programming - we will review your site and check your meta tags and codes for errors, bad links, etc., up to 10 of your main pages including your opening page. Only $99.00
  • Search Engine Optimization - includes review of site above as well as checking your site on major search engines like excite, msn, google, alta vista, lycos, yahoo, and alltheweb. Only $149.00
  • Search Engine Advertising with Google, MSN, and Yahoo - we will set up your accounts with all 3 services and research and add up to 100 top keyword search terms and phrases that best match your company, services, and products. Only $299.00

  • Interested? Want to get started on a website? Maybe you just have some questions? Joey will be glad to help you! A $50 Initial Consultation Fee is required - discount/credit given for fee if sign-up for service or product.

    Please enter your name, email address, and phone number below and click the Buy Now button. Once your submission has been received, you will be notified by email that your submission has been received and to schedule a time to call. Thanks!

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