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Public relations and media services are now available!

Since 2005, on the "media" side of things when I started and then launching other online publications such as &, I noticed that many so called "PR Specialists" really didn't know what they were doing. Thousands of press releases have crossed my desk and my email inbox over the years that neither showed the proper content, supplied little or too much information, or did not even have company contact information or at least a company website address. I still shake my head to this day each time I receive one of those releases. Producing a proper press release is not rocket-science people but we have to make sure we get the formatting correct, our point across in a simplistic but effective way, and have the proper contact information - now along with social media links such as Facebook and Twitter.

Let us help your company create and/or maintain a favorable public image!

GRAND STRAND AREA COMPANIES! ---- In addition to what we can help you with below, make sure you take the 1st Step and Add Your Company With The Grand Strand Business Directory! --- yes, we own/run that site as well!.... CLICK HERE
  • Press Releases - see below
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Website Design, Logo Design, etc. click here
  • Social Media Management - see below
  • Photograpy click here
  • Video Production - see below

  • Shoot, we can even design and get your business cards! But not your coffee, lol!
We will work with you and your budget big-or-small! From just a single press release all the way up to a full-blown yearly campaign!

A few of our prices...

Press Releases - pay as you go (view example)
$250 first one, $125 each thereafter
We will write each release and submit it to traditional media outlets (print,tv,radio) and new media outlets (websites, social media) as well as publish to our own publications which might be relevant as well (ie Grand Strand / Myrtle Beach area releases will be published to | Golf related releases will be published to and to also Share, Like, etc., on our company's social media pages.
    Discounts: Companies that have added themselves to any of our main networks -,,, etc. - will receive a $55 discount on their first release and a $30 discount on each release thereafter!

Advanced Video Production - pay as you go (view our new 2017 example)
$295 : We will video and/or photograph your company, project, property, etc., write a narrative, and produce a short movie promo (about 30 seconds in length) for use on your website, social media, youtube, etc.
    Discounts: Companies that have added themselves to any of our main networks -,,,, etc. - will receive a $100 discount!

Simple Video Production - pay as you go (view our new 2017 example)
For a limited time only $19.95!
We will use YOUR photos and produce a short video (about 1 minute in length) for use on your website, social media, youtube, etc. Basically this option is used for Real Estate Agents as well as Individuals that need a basic and simple video for their items/properties for sale to list on our website but anyone and any company that needs a simple and basic video can use this option! Make Your Video

Simple Ad Production - pay as you go
For a limited time only $19.95!
We will browse your website and use images, logos, information to make an image ad for your online advertising use on our websites! Make Simple Ad

Social Media Management - pay as you go
Setup : $95.00 per social media site - Buy-One-Get-One Free Special! We will set-up a Facebook Fan Page as well as a Twitter account for your Company! Get both done at the same time for only $95! Clients that are having us design their website get this for 50% OFF at the time of purchase of their website design!
Management : Only $95.00 per month! Let us manage your social media accounts! Already have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., then let us manage your social media! At least three times a day (usually in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late afternoon) we will post to your account, reply, like other pages, etc., as much as possible to keep your account(s) fresh, moving, and noticed!

Interested? Want to get started on any of our services? Maybe you just have some questions? Joey will be glad to help you! A $50 Initial Consultation Fee is required - discount/credit given for fee if sign-up for service or product.

Please enter your name, email address, and phone number below and click the Buy Now button. Once your submission has been received, you will be notified by email that your submission has been received and to schedule a time to call. Thanks!

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